A standing Ovation for all humanitarian workers.


Redcross humanitarian workers. Photo credit(google)

A humanitarian doctor briefs journalists in Gaza.(credit google)

At any given time,there is a crisis around the world.Think about it.If it is not the Ebola outbreak,it is probably polio in war-tone countries,hunger in famine hit countries,hurricanes and storms or even malnutrition facing the children of South Sudan. We have heard of all this.We watch this things daily in our Tv”s and read about then in magazines and newspapers.

Forgotten actors….

In situation of humanitarian crisis,there are actors who are never appreciated.They save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain and protect human dignity. They prevent and strengthen preparedness for the occurrence of such situations.They are HUMANITARIAN WORKERS!A friend who is a humanitarian doctor describe his job  this way:“I dodge bullets, Cut people open, fix bandages, feed and treat malnourished kids and make a lot of noise to various ministries of health”

19th August 2014…

Every year on 19 August, the global humanitarian community commemorates World Humanitarian Day. It is a day to recognize all humanitarian aid workers who face danger and adversity in order to help others. It also commemorates all people who have lost their lives in humanitarian service.On 19 August 2003, 22 aid workers were killed in a bombing at the UN office in Baghdad.(source is relief web)

Does it matter…

More than 12 humanitarian workers were killed every month in 2013.They died in line of duty in order to alleviate the human suffering.

Who are they….

They are doctors,soldiers,cooks,journalists,activists,nutritionists,and by extension their families and friends who pray for them and wish them well even though in each day of their duty,they rub shoulders with death.

The ultimate sacrifice..

For those who have passed on..Rest in peace.For the Kenyan police who died protecting our country in Somalia,Rest in peace.For Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan who died of ebola,which he was protecting people from in sierra Leon,Rest in peace.For many others who may never be a news item,rest in peace.


I may not thank-you enough.But you do a great job!To my friend Joe Maina,a humanitarian doctor,Paul Mugambi,the first humanitarian blind worker,CBM (Supporting disabled hit by Typhon Haiyan),Handicap International(Great Job in Dadaab Kenya),Kenya Defense Forces(Protecting Kenyans from aggression in Somalia) and each and every humanitarian worker in the world.And for your family and friends.A standing Ovation!!

Asante sana!

Wanja Maina blogs on Human interest stories.If you are a humanitarian worker and you wish her to feature your story in her blog,reach her on servantwanja@gmail.com


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