An Open Letter To Mugo Wa Wairimu.

Dear Mugo,

I hope you are fine on this Thursday morning.I am fine,here in Nairobi Kenya.Allow me to introduce myself for we have never met and chances are we will never meet,but it is a small world.My name is Wanja.A Kenyan of sound mind.I am from miiri in Gatundu North but I live in the capital.I am a manager by profession but I have been practicing other things since i graduated from college.

I am also very privileged to know my constitution very well,among other policy frameworks.Should you Google my name,you will find more about me.How do I know you?I know you from Facebook and obviously from your follower ship not forgetting your strong position on the ICC and obvious hatred towards a particular community.But I will leave that for now.

I saw you post about Lady Justice Mumbi Ngugi.The Facebook account is yours but the striking word was the fact that you pejoratively referred to her as a (an) ALBINO.The very use of the word forms the basis of this letter.You immediately edited the post because your friends who very mature did not agree with your distasteful insult and obvious demeaning of Lady justice Mumbi Ngugi.

At this point in time I wish to make it clear that I do not hold brief for the lady justice,but I will still write.It is also evident that you have been writing sensational comments to attract comments and obviously some mileage which is okey but today your friends  did not agree with you and below are some of their random comments of disapproval.

Does albinism got anything to do with her unpopular rulings?this is insulting!

She’s an albino ……..who asked u this ???.style up !!

I agree with the rest part of the statement….kindly withdraw that albinism part

Remove albino.God gives us all Equally.You have Your tomorrow.You never know.withdraw that.

Huyu #Mugo ameshazaa? Uzazi ungalipo…waja kwa upesi.

@ Mugo, I agree with you in almost everything you post but the word Albino in you comment is a bit demeaning and unnecessary. Let’s show sensitivity to all the earthlings.

Are albinos predisposed to making questionable decisions? You are talking like her condition is what is influencing her rulings. You have reached a new low with this post especially the albino part

Shame on You Mugo!!!!!! This is a very insensitive post, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have children to give birth to or to bring up. Albino comment is demeaning. It can happpen to anyone. Pls withdraw

Nobody chooses to be born with albinism.

Didnt know yu are this unwise. Only fools ridicule people using their condition. And so if she is an albino? She has achieved what yu will never achieve.

Thank you.Now listen and listen good.I will give you some tips that you need to use both now and in future,and if need be pass down to your generations.I will start by defining what an “Albino” is.By the way,next time,the correct word is persons with albinism.Albinism-refers to a group of inherited conditions. People with albinism have little or no pigment in their eyes, skin, or hair. They have inherited altered genes that do not make the usual amounts of a pigment called melanin.I hope you have noted that it is inherited and therefore no child chooses what to inherit from their parents.I am also certain that you did not buy your “non-albino” pigmentation.

Albinism is a disability.1 billion+ people have a disability cross the world 80% being in the global south.Historically people with various disabilities have been marginalised and systemically excluded from development and even education.Mumbi Ngugi is a woman.Only 1% of women with disabilities have attained literally levels in developing countries.Mumbi is one them.She is exemplary and we look up to her very much.Mugo,I also acknowledge that you have a right to agree with her/disagree with her rulings with equal measure.It is allowed.But what does the fact that she is “albino” as you allude have to do with the rulings?


You pride yourself with being very quantitative and factual in your posts.Accompanying your updates with numbers,percentages,dates and experiences.Congratulation.I also hope you have a constitution.Kindly open chapter 54 (1) (a)“A person with any disability is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect and to be adressed and referred to in a manner that is not demeaning”.Your status fell short of the very provision. I also wish to take you back to article 33(2)(ii) which limits the freedom of expression,if it is based on any ground of discrimination specified or contemplated.

Being a person with a disability,any disability, is not a easy task especially in a country where people have archaic stereotypes like your own.Living with it is a journey that can be humiliating and frustrating.One has to work twice as hard,put on a  tough skin,basically accept and move on.

Something else that is a bit obvious is that people with disabilities are here to stay.They have been there from ancient Greek.The reason why they are more visible is because the society is becoming more open and accepting that any society is diverse.The wave of emancipation is so heavy that soon many of the “albinos” will be your colleagues and even your bosses.Will you quit?

I also wish to give you some unsolicited advise.It will be in form of a story.

There once lived a king.He employed a man and his only job was to daily whisper to the king that “your are only a man”.That was a king mind you.He wanted to remain grounded amid the fame and the sycophancy from people.You are the said king.Enjoying wide followership in social media.Fantastic!But next time you post ask yourself,are you reaching out to spread the truth?Does it hurt other people?Basically think twice before posting.You might get away for you are behind a laptop and faceless,but remember,the internet never forgets.

There are many Mugo’s out there.Agree/disagree with  people with disabilities.That is okey and allowed.But do not start using their disabilities to humiliate them.By the way,for a  PWD,not walking is very normal.Walking is abnormal.For the said “albino”,being light is normal,the opposite is true.Refining normal,in a diverse society.

I have come to end of my letter mr Mugo.Did you apologise?I have to attend to other things that require my attention.

I remain,






18 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Mugo Wa Wairimu.

  1. Hi dear,i fully support you. leave alone the constitution, God created man in His own image and likeness so when such a ‘man’ uses such words to describe another one,he should know he is describing the Creator. Supposedly ,he is the one he would easily go mad ,stressed and a great dislike including self.He should ask for forgiveness from her and even confess to the Lord Almighty.NB:Before criticizing someone walk an extra mile and fit yourself in that person’s shoes.Make a conclusio.thanks

  2. Thanj you Wanja for putting yourself on the front line to fight for the rights of the minority and PWD . Your the best . It makes such a big difference to some of us so never tire my dear friend . Thank you again . says:

    Our Ambassador .

  3. The name of the King was Marcus Aurelius, he was the emporor of Rome and considered to be the wisest man of his time yet what he sought most was humility and truth…
    We should all strive for this.

  4. the error/mistake was acknowledged and regretted highly…, need not blog about it either. But at least i now know of a certain wanja from miiri village in gatundu.., pulled a publicity stunt so well gal. u HOME!!

  5. as we accept mugo’s mistake and i request him to apologise,we must understand the pain in his heart and in kenyans hearts,when we see a judge supporting Impunity and corruption of Governors,To me the Judge ought to resign ASAP

  6. Hey all?Mugo has since apologised.APOLOGY TO PERSONS WITH ALBINISM
    Slightly over 48 hours ago, I criticized a ruling made by high court judge Mumbi Ngugi barring senators from summoning governors. While I still don’t agree with her ruling, I note that the wording of my update had the unintended/unfortunate effect of linking the controversial judgement to Albinism. Those keen enough must have noted that I promptly deleted the offending part of the update but the damage was already done. Since then I’ve been in touch with my bothers and sisters living with with albinism Jayne Waithera and Hon Mwaura M Isaac both online and on phone and apologized for the for the unintended and unfortunate effect of the update. I indeed explained to both that only a month ago, I lost a lady cousin living with albinism to Eye cancer. Wanja Wamaina, the contents of your open letter noted. Mukiri Wa Githendu your comments on the same noted but I had to delete two of your comments that seemed to suggest Albinism had a relationship with Justice Mumbi’s controversial rulings. All in all, it makes sense to issue an apology to the high court judge and others living with albinism for the obvious but unintended effects of my post which realize is an assault to the dignity of people living with albinism. Again, thanks to all who offered me the highest degree of completely honest and constructive criticism on the same.

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